7.4V Lithium polymer battery 523450 1000mAh Square lithium battery

7.4V Polymer lithium battery Product model: XL 7.4V 1000mAh 7.4V Polymer battery technical parameters (specifically can be designed according to customer requirements-voltage/capacity/size/line) Single battery model: 523450 Packing method: industrial PVC heat shrinkable film Wire model:UL1007 24AWG

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. Single battery voltage: 3.7V . Nominal voltage after the battery pack is assembled: 7.4V . Single battery capacity: 1000mAh . Battery combination: 2 strings and 1 parallel . Battery voltage range after combination: 6.0V~8.4V . Battery capacity after combination: 1000mAh . Battery pack power: 7.4W . Battery pack size: 10.4*34.5*53mm . Maximum discharge current: <1A . Instantaneous discharge current: 2A~3A . Maximum charging current: 0.2-0.5C . Charge and discharge times: >500 timesLong operation life: Cycle life is up to 1000 times in normal conditions; Low self discharge: 80% capacity retention after 1year; Strong emergency adaptability: It can charge quickly in 1~6h in emergency conditions; Wide operation temperature range: It can be operated in the environment of -20~+60 centigrade; Good safety and reliability: Each battery has a safety valve, so it can have high safety and reliability during long-period operation process or in major failures; Pollution-free and no memory effect; Different configuration could be met.ISO、UL、CB、KC 1. Sufficient capacity: using domestic and foreign brand raw materials, sufficient capacity, low internal resistance, and stable voltage 2. Stable performance: long cycle life, high energy density, wide operating temperature range, stable discharge voltageMarket demand——Raise product design proposal——Preliminary assessment——Issuing the trial produce ordering——Products quality tracking——Pilot plant test report——Pilot plant test final report——Pilot plant review report——Concluding reportDo not submerge the battery in the water. Do not mix fresh batteries with used batteries. Do not mix batteries with metal stuff together. Do not insert batteries with the (+) and (-) reversed. Do not use Efest batteries with defective E-cig mods. Do not disassemble, dispose in fire, heat or short circuit. Do not put the battery in a charger or equipment with wrong terminals connected.1.Q:Are you really factory or just trade company? A: We are factory, founded in 2009, if you don’t believe our words, we can show you a live video. 2.Q:What's the main products of XUANLI? A: Rechargeable lithium ion battery, LiFePO4 battery, Li-polymer battery, Ni-MH battery and Charger. 3.Q: How long is the warranty time? A: We offer you 1-2 years guarantee. If you find any problems, feel free to contact me. 4.Q: How to proceed with an order? A: We make customized battery, with check details such as application, voltage, capacity, size, discharge current, order quantity, etc., then quote based on your request, if no problem ,we can draft sample order for your confirmation and arrange payment, then we make sample for testing. 5.Q: Can I ask for sample? A: Yes, we accept sample order to evaluate our battery quality. 6.Q: How’s your leadtime? A: 2-5 work days for samples, 15-25 work days for mass production depends on the order quantity. If it’s special model or complex design, leadtime will be longer. 7.Q:Is it OK to print my logo on it? A: Yes, as long as you provide authorization to us, we will print logo on battery. 8.Q: What’s the payment terms? A: Sample fee should be 100% prepaid. For mass production, payment terms is 30% deposit, 70% balance to be paid before shipment. For big amount, we can discuss better payment terms for you after 2-3 orders. 9.Q: Is the battery showing on the webiste the latest price? A: no, it's not, please check with us for the latest price, what's more, battery may looks the same outside but the inside and parameters can be very different, for example, we may choose different cells , PCM and connectors for your project, those will definitely affect the price.

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